Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding a budget US$150 elegant wedding gown in Hong Kong

A good friend of mine  recently found out that she and her fiance were expected their first child, so she wanted to quickly arrange some pre wedding photos before her bump started showing.  Their wedding was already schedule for later this year when she would be heavily preganant so she ditched her plans of investing in a designer Vera Wang gown.

For the pre wedding photosm  a photographer friend offered to take the photos for the couple as a wedding gift.   She looked into renting a gown for the photos shoot but found that most places charged at least HK$3000-5000 for a one day rental!

She decided to try ordering a budget dress from
Prices start from US$100 plus shipping!
If you browse the site you will see quite a lot of lovely designs but from my personal experience the actual products would turn out to be very tacky and poor quality.

The bride-to-be thought it was worth the risk of buying a gown on Aliexpress and ordered the gown pictured above. The total cost with shipping to Hong Kong was US$170, and her view was that if it turned out horribly bad she could take the loss. As it turns out, the dress arrives 10 days after placing the order and it was reasonably lovely! Of course upon closer inspection, one would notice that the fabric quality and finish were not the best. But for photos it would be fine.

The supplier she bought from was:

Suzhou YuFei Wedding Dress Company

Please contact Kevin the sales rep  who is very helpful and responsive to inquires

When you order make sure you provide generous measurements and ask them to leave more seam allowance so that you can alter the gown in Hong Kong if necessary.
Also you can reduce the shipping fee by asking to have it sent by SF express to Hong Kong which costs around US$20.

Good Luck and let me know if anyone tries ordering a wedding gown from the site!