Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cosy hand knits for charity...mmmm

I picked up this wonderful hand knit turtleneck poncho from the YWCA Spring Bazaar on MacDonnell Road today. Its exactly like the designer version in the photo. Unbeliveable find at just HK$150! Apparantly the YWCA's English speaking departments runs a knitting circle where the members knit for charity. They dontate their "made with love" scarfs and hats to charitable groups each winter. They also sell their products at venues like the Spring Bazaar. This fair is only held annually but you may want to try to ring up the YWCA on 3496 1340 to see if they will sell to you seperately.

Now I just cant wait to wear this poncho next winter with my black prada skirt and knee high boots.....

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