Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I think this hotline is one of Hong Kong best kept secrets! It's a registered charity and staffed by volunteers

Call the Community Advice Bureau (CAB) for any question related to living and working in Hong Kong. It is a unique and totally free service operated by a friendly group of  volunteers with access to professional support.

Monday to Friday
09:30 - 17:00

Telephone: (852) 2815 5444

Homepage: www.cab.org.hk

Some frequent questions addressed to the hotline include:

What are my rights as a tenant in Hong Kong?

Where can I find a paediatrician/podiatrist/dentist in Hong Kong?

I am moving to Hong Kong. Can you help me with a relocation company?

I need a divorce lawyer. Can you help?

Where can I buy second-hand furniture in Hong Kong?

I am having debt problems. Do you know someone who can sort me out?

Where can I buy a gas barbecue in Hong Kong?

There is a snake in my kitchen. What shall I do?

Can I work in Hong Kong without a visa?

Where can I find a support group for single parents in Hong Kong?

Where can I find a carpenter/painter/decorator in Hong Kong?

Which HK charity would like the furniture/clothing/books I have to donate?

Where is a list of kindergartens/primary/secondary schools in Hong Kong?

Do you have information on vets/kennels in Hong Kong?

Can you help me find a plumber/handyman in Hong Kong?

When are the public holidays in Hong Kong?

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