Saturday, September 8, 2012

Come home to a clean home and hot meal on the table every evening! SUPERHELPER.ORG

I just love this service ! Its a must for anyone hiring a full time helper, especially that that hasnt been properly trained before. I'm way too busy with my businesses and honestly housecleaning and cooking arent my talents anyway...

Super helper provides household management and cooking training for domestic helpers at their venue in Repulse Bay.  The instritute is run by Marilyn Santiago-Kerr who is Danish-Filippio and an advid cook herself.

When I sponsored my helper, Malou from the Phillippines a few years ago I sent her straight to Super helper's 2 day traning sessions for HK$980. It was money well spent because Malou came back knowing how to germ proof the home, handle household emgencies, western and chinese table settings, and how to save money on household cleaners, and equipment.   This must be the most useful course for any helper.

We also enrolled Malou in their cooking classes. I highly recommend this for their Western cooking where they will teach everything from basics like soup making, salad and vinaigrettes, sauces and more complex creations like roasts, pastries, and souffles.  Students are taught how to prepare a full menu during each lesson.

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Lessons in Asian cooking (Thai and Japanese)  are also available but for Chinese cooking I recommend sending your helper to Towngas which has a 6 week training course for helpers.

I'm happy to say that we are eating healthy, balanced and delicious meals at home all the time now!

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