Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bad experience selling at a spring bazaar in Hong Kong!

Here is a tip for those with a small business selling products or services in Hong Kong.  DONT BE IN A RUSH TO SIGN UP FOR BAZAARS OR FAIRS at organizations like the YWCA or private members clubs.! I just came back from a bad experience last week.
I wont say which fair this was but I will tell you if you message me directly at

I took a booth at one of the fairs and ended up losing money, along with many other vendors at the same event. My guess is that the organizers were the only ones to profit that one. Traffic was sparse and consisted mostly of ladies browsing and not buying. From the looks of it, these werent really professional women with money to spend but more low budget, fussy, troublesome stay- at -home types that look, touch and hassle vendors but dont even buy! I say dont waste your time and money. The only fair that ever work for me is the Conrad Christmas Fair. I welcome any readers to share their experiences

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