Sunday, August 19, 2012

25% off dining at Peking Garden with an AMEX Platinum Card

Last night, I was at dinner with friends at Peking Garden in Alexandara House in Central. When the bill came we were told that we could get 25% off if we paid with an American Express Platinm Card.
Usually the AMEX deals are for 10- 15% off but this was for 25% which I have never seen before!
Unfortunately that evening I didnt bring my Amex Platinum card and no one else at the table has this card.

This offer seems to be very low key as its not even mentioned on the Amex Platinum benefits webpage. I suggest confirming this offer when you make a booking at the restaurant.

Highly recommended dishes are the Peking duck, stir fried handmade pulled noodles, and the Beggar's Chicken

Please check out their site:

Peking Garden Website

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