Sunday, August 12, 2012

Custom paintings on canvas.. perfect for gifts, residential decor or corporate projects

Artistic Intent specializes in custom paintings on canvas-oil, acrylic or watercolour- from photographs, drawings and following the clients’ specific requirements and desired style.

Their service is ideal if you need to decorate a large space on a tight budget or need a thoughtful gift of a portrait for family or friends.

·         They can recreate by hand famous paintings from contemporary and old masters

·         Paint portraits of loved ones from photos that you provide and according to your specifications on the painting style, background, colour scheme and size.

·         Create custom painted canvases for your interior design project including very large wall mural-sized paintings.

·         Prices for a custom oil painted portrait start at around HK$1200 (US$154).

Custom projects require a 50% deposit to proceed. Please contact them for estimates, lead time order policy and shipping arrangements at

Please click on the link below to their facebook page to view examples of their past projects:

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